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Mackie Pro FX 8 Mixing Desk Hire

Price: £25.00 + VAT

Mackie Pro FX 8 Mixing Desk Hire

The Mackie Pro FX 8 Mixing Desk Hire is a high quality live mixer for small bands and speech use. It has 4 microphone inputs & 3 stereo lines. In addition this desk has a host of additional features including 3 band eq on each channel and 7 band overall slider eq. Therefore you don’t have to worry about additional effects units to get that professional touch of reverb or delay in your live sound. Furthermore this desk is the complete and simple solution for small to medium sized performance venues.

You can also add Radio Microphones or Cabled Microphones and Speakers to your order.

The Mackie ProFX8 provides a total of 16 professional effects, which also gives you a fantastic amount of flexibility without bombarding you with hundreds of choices. As a result making them ideal to scroll through quickly whilst live on stage. On-board effects include small, medium, and large room reverb, a number of simple, rich choruses and an array of delays, so the Mackie ProFX8 should give you more than enough to give your live music that killer sound.

Finally the full list of effects is as follows:

1) Bright Room, 2) Warm Lounge, 3) Small Stage, 4) Warm Theatre, 5) Warm Hall, 6) Concert Hall, 7) Plate Reverb, 8) Cathedral, 9) Chorus, 10) Chorus + Reverb, 11) Doubler, 12) Tape Slap, 13)


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