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L’Acoustics Pa Hire

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A sound engineer would be required to operate this system

L’Acoustics Pa Hire

L’Acoustics PA Hire Kiva II, is an ultra-compact modular line source, adding 6 dB of peak SPL.  In comparison to its predecessor, maximized amplifier density with 16-ohm impedance, and a sturdy cabinet.

Despite its ultra-compact format, Kiva II features L-Acoustics Wavefront Sculpture Technology. Therefore giving it a long throw capability and delivering even SPL from the front row to the back of the audience. Its coplanar transducer arrangement and K front grill generate a symmetric horizontal coverage of 100° without secondary lobes over the entire frequency range.

Weighing only 14 kg / 31 Ib, the product’s elegant lines and flush-fitted rigging allow it to melt into any architecture. Kiva II is a natural fit for installations in performing arts centers and special events demanding minimum visual obtrusion, particularly in L-ISA multichannel configuration installations.

L-Acoustics subwoofers complement systems in applications where extended bandwidth is required. All subs incorporate high excursion drivers, ultra-low vibration walls, and laminar airflow L-Vents with a flared profile, resulting in a dramatic reduction of port noise, maximized dynamics and power handling, and an exceptional level of performance.

L-Acoustics subwoofers can be deployed in different configurations, making them versatile enough to address any rental or fixed installation application. Engineers and sound designers can choose from standard or cardioid configurations, creating a variety of symmetric and asymmetric directivity patterns adapted to each specific design.

L-Acoustics amplified controllers offer high performance and efficient loudspeaker amplification, 96 kHz/32-bit digital signal processing, and comprehensive system protection in a single ergonomic package integrated with LA Network Manager.

LA12X rely on a proprietary Switched Mode Power Supply with Power Factor Correction to deliver high energy (power × hold time) for best LF reproduction, from 240 V down to 100 V with high immunity to unstable mains.

All amplified controllers have analog and AES/EBU inputs. The LA12X also include an AVB bridge and a listener compliant with the Milan/AVB protocol. Automatic fallback functions make the creation of redundant audio paths possible with constant delay and constant level.

The DSP combines IIR and FIR filters to generate perfectly linearized phase curves and significantly improved impulse responses for an even, more natural, transparent, and realistic sound experience. For fixed installations, external control of amplified controllers is possible using SNMP, QSC® Q-SYS, CRESTRON®, and EXTRON

Our L’Acoustics Pa Hire system comprises of the below:

  • 6 x KIVA II
  • 2 x SB18
  • 1 x LA12x
  • 2 x K&M Pole


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