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Chamsys MQ40N Hire

Price: £150.00

Chamsys MQ40N Hire:

Firstly the Chamsys MQ40N hire is the ideal console for small to medium sized venues in need of advanced lighting control. Secondly the console is based on the same ARM chip technology used in modern phones and tablets. Therefore it has very low power consumption, also it does not require a fan. Furthermore enabling silent operation for theatrical and corporate shows.

MagicQ MQ40N is simple and easy to use for installations, clubs and schools. Additionally still featuring advanced features such as MagicVis and MagicHD connectivity. It uses the same software and show formats, enabling compatibility between all products in the MagicQ range.

For outputs, MagicQ MQ40N supports a total of 4 universes. These are either by direct DMX ports on the rear panel or via network protocols such as Artnet or sACN. It can also be connected via network to a PC or Mac. If it is running ChamSys free MagicVis lighting visualisation software. Giving your full visualisation of the consoles 4 universes at no extra cost.

MagicQ MQ40N can be connected via network to a PC or Mac running ChamSys free MagicHD media player software for output of up to 8 layers of HD media at no extra cost.

MagicQ MQ40N incorporates high reliability components, including durable metal Neutrik connectors. A compact console that lets you control lighting, video and LED pixels is a versatile piece of kit. Because of its size and full range of features, the MagicQ MQ40N also makes an ideal “tech console” for testing equipment or a full rig on stage or in the warehouse.


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