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1200w HK Pro Audio Speaker System Hire

Price: £70.00 + VAT a pair

1200w HK Pro Audio Speaker System Hire:

The 1200w HK Pro Audio Speaker System Hire is a high quality speaker system. Suitable for events with up to 120 guests.

Equipment included:

2 x HK Audio PR:O12D 600 watt active speaker cabinets,

2 x  Speaker stands,

Additionally including connecting cables to your mixer – XLR -XLR

Size:  2400w peak, 1200w RMS, up to 120 people

Firstly this pair of incredible active full range speaker cabinets are supplied with a pair of speaker stands & all connecting cables, including linking cables to your DJ mixer.

Second of all these active speakers are ideal for small sized halls, small homes, marquees or venues. Furthermore they are also ideal for small conferences, speeches and store or product launches. Although only a 1200 watt system these speakers have a clear and crisp rounded sound suitable for most applications.

Finally if you would like a smarter set up that does not take up as much space then you should upgrade to our gravity upright speaker stands. These stands have a single central pole that the speakers sits on, as they do not ave the standard 3 tripod legs they consequently can be placed in smaller spaces.

In addition why not add some DJ Equipment to your order.

  • Application options: As standalone fullrange speakers, in combination with PR:O 18 SUB A and PR:O 210 SUB A subwoofers
  • 1,200 watt class-D bi-amped
  • DSP for plug”n”play handling without complicated layered menus
  • Integrated control over EQ, X-over, limiter and more functions
  • Flat/Boost EQ presets
  • Tone knob for quick Music/Speech voicing adjustments
  • FIR X-over
  • Custom-designed speakers
  • 90° x 55° wide-beam CD horn for optimum sound
  • Rugged, roadworthy housing tuned to deliver 132 dB SPL and punchy bass response
  • Modular mix-n-match design for versatile use (fullrange, 2.1, half-stack and full-stack systems)
  • M8 rigging points for easy installation
  • Made in Germany

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